We can supply a wide range of Brazilian Amethyst.

Our range includes:

Natural form

Polished Pebbles

All polished pieces.

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, the colour tones are due to iron and aluminum particles within the quartz, it's name originates from the ancient Greek word for intoxication; which resulted in the mineral being carried to prevent becoming drunk!

Amethyst is often heated to reduce the iron particles within the mineral creating a golden brown 'citrine' colour.

Amethyst is a semi precious mineral and often used within jewellery, however large geode or 'Madonna' or 'cathedral' formations are sought after for interior room display and feature crystal pieces, they can be found in excess of 2-4 metres and weight from a couple of kilos to hundreds of kilos. Comprised of many individual crystals each with 6 faces the play of light on the surface can be breath taking.